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How Long Have You Been in Business?

Bekins Moving and Storage has a 130+ year history of providing our customers with exceptional service whether you are moving down the street or across the country. As a member of United Van Lines we offer our customers a first class moving experience from start to finish.

How Much Does It Cost to Move?

The prices differ for each situation so we can’t tell you how much it is but we can offer your a free estimate to tell you how much it will be.

So When Should I Start Planning My Move?

We suggest you start packing as soon as possible, it will save yourself the headache and stress come moving time. Start by packing items you know you will not need until after the move and the save the things you use everyday until the end.

Why should we choose you?

With over 130+ years of moving experience, we know what we’re doing. We offer free and honest quotes, insured and valuation protection, a moving inventory, nominal deposit, and all of our staff are bonded – plus you can earn Air Miles points on long-distance moves

Do you have moving tips?

One of the most useful tips we have for moving is to be organized. Taking a few minutes to plan your move – are you going to move room to room or sort by types of objects. Having a plan can not only help you move fast, it can help with unpacking. 

A few other tips we have are:

  • Be Prepared: Notify utilities what date to discontinue services and supply them with your new address.
  • Have Supplies ready: Make sure you have enough supplies for your pack, including tape, packing paper and various sized cartons. Ensure that you know what items should be packed in which cartons. 
  • Pack Ahead: Start by packing items you know you will not need to utilize until after the move. Running out of time?
  • Stay Organized: Create a record of what is being packed in which box and where each carton and piece of furniture belongs in your new home and always label cartons. This way when your movers unload, we can ensure that you are prepared to unpack and start living in your new home.
  • Keep Items Aside: Be sure to keep some items handy. Cleaning supplies should be readily available so you can clean prior to vacating your home. Items such as valuables, important papers, and toilet paper should be kept aside and brought to your new home with you.
  • Take a breath: Moving is exciting but it’s stressful. Plan to make it as stress-free as possible – have a parent or friend watch the kids and dogs, clear space in the yard/driveway/garage for easier moving

Do you offer boxes and moving materials?

We offer 25 free good quality used boxes for your move. We do offer boxes and other materials you need for moving on top of that.

How long should you plan before moving?

You’ll want to plan your ideally 1-2 months before moving. This will allow you to move on the date of your choosing. We can offer quicker moves – contact us for a fast no obligation free estimate